5 thoughts on “St. Paul’s Potential Kitchen Renovation”

  1. Daniel Van Straten

    I’m guessing a judgment be made to move those dartball trophies out of the kitchen. No problem with doing that. I’m sure a resting place be found for them.

  2. I’ve also had countless memories in the St Paul’s kitchen. Some laughs. Some tears. Fellowship. It will be a joy not to have to plug in the roasters all around Friendship Hall for fear of blowing a fuse or tripping a circuit breaker.

  3. We also have many memories of the kitchen and spent many an hour in it working on food preparation and cleanup for many funeral luncheons, chili dinners, stewardship luncheons, Lenten breakfasts, Women’s Guild dinners, and so on. At our childhood homes, the kitchen was the most popular room, and we ate most meals in the kitchen. The kitchen and Fellowship Hall at St. Paul’s have always been popular gathering places. The proposed remodeling of the kitchen at St. Paul’s is awesome. We have a couple concerns on the plans about working by the stoves and dishwasher but sure it’ll all be manageable. Pleased to see the issues of safety and workmanship are being addressed in the kitchen remodeling.

  4. Daniel&Ervida Van Straten

    Congratulations to the new elected officers…James Schwarten President, April Koranda Vice President, Richard Reineking Trustee and Greg Peterson Treasurer and Melody Kolb Secretary. It’s very frustrating due to the church closing because of the COVID-19 pandemic that the service of installation is not able to be held for all the St. Paul’s leaders…Consistory, Board of C. E., Endowment.

    We thank all the outgoing retired Consistory members John Brown and Mason White. We appreciated how great a job John did as President leading the Congregation and the swell job of Mason as trustee and the help of the White family on the grounds. I also served St. Paul’s as President and Trustee and know how demanding those leadership positions are. We also appreciate the ministries of Bruce Neil’s and Joanne Laux’s on the Consistory this past year of 2020.

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