2 thoughts on “2.7.21 Sunday Worship”

  1. Daniel&Ervida Van Straten

    We praise God for giving us this blessed Sunday Worship Service Sunday February 7th 2021 in word, prayer and song. We praise God for sending us His Word, truth and message TODAY to fill us with His Spirit to strengthen us to do His ministry unto Him and all people. We praise Him. Praise Father Son and Holy Ghost. We thank Pastor Jeremy and everyone for bestowing their ministries in worship today. We were enriched hearing Pastor Jeremy talk about the healing stories. We are trying hard every day to get scheduled for our COVID-19 vaccination on the myprevea.com webpage so we do our part in getting back to some kind of normalcy in church & in our family/friends relationships.

  2. Ervida: Some friends of mine have had more success calling the Prevea phone number. I used the webpage but its a stroke of luck to get in. Bruce and I were lucky. People our age should always be taken first but there are those who jumped the line. Be well, Barb

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