2 thoughts on “1.3.21 Sunday Worship”

  1. We thank Pastor Jeremy for sharing all the information in his message in today’s Epiphany Sunday Worship Service on the full meaning of Epiphany. We now know more about Epiphany than we realized. And, we loved listening to the Christmas carols relative to Epiphany, and thank Mike King and Amanda Radloff and Lisa Flook and all others for playing and singing those carols, and thank Mike King and James Hoppe for the readings.

    We appreciate all the performance by everyone during the Christmas season…to Pastor Jeremy for his talks and messages during Sunday Worship, special Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services, 30 Days Thankful, and Christmas Carols and Advent…to Mike King, Amanda Radloff, Lisa Flook and all others for the music…to Pat Jaberg and the handball for their music…to Leslie Ellair for her music…to all the readers of Scripture. It was all carried out very well and very satisfying. We appreciate. It made our Christmas peaceful and wonderful. The drive up communion and treats from Carol Reineking and Deb Severens satisfying and appreciated. Bless you all. AND WE LIKED SEEING THE LYRICS DISPLAYED WHEN CAROLS AND HYMNS PLAYED ANS SUNG.

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