1.10.21 Sunday Worship

Hi friends! With everything that happened on Epiphany this past week, I recognized what I had prepared to share with you this Sunday was not going to work. In case you forgot, God works in mysterious ways some days. The Wisconsin Conference of the United Church of Christ put together an Epiphany season worship and shared it with us as I was wondering what to do about Sunday. So here for your Sunday Worship I will share with you the Conference worship service.

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  1. Daniel&Ervida Van Straten

    We too know God works in mysterious ways and his Divine Wisdom is often beyond our understanding. He loves us and we are unable to do anything without Him but only through Him. He helps to figure out what to do in good times and in bad times. We were filled with the Holy Spirit today in the Wisconsin Conference Worship Service. Blessed be God now and forever.

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