Christmas Music Extravaganza

Just in time to lift your spirits, St. Paul’s present four different Christmas concerts for your Christmas season. Special thanks to Lisa Flook & Leslie, Marcus, and Daniel Ellair & Amanda Radloff and Mike King for sharing their gifts with the congregation!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Music Extravaganza”

  1. Thank you so much all you special musicians at Sheboygan St. Paul’s UCC for making these amazing Christmas concert videos! They are all beautifully done, the musicians all have amazing talents, and the variety in songs is superb! I have not been able to muster up ANY Christmas spirit whatsoever this year, but that has finally changed since I found your inspiring virtual concerts. Thanks ever so much!😉🤗❤️💕

  2. Thank you all (Mike king, Amanda Radloff, Lisa Flook, Leslie Ellair, and all others) for the special music all you special St. Paul’s musicians!!! This is a beautiful done concert of Christmas music. You all enliven our Christmas spirit. Daniel&Ervida😉❤️

    1. Ooh!!! That special Christmas concert by all the musicians was so wondrous, so relaxing, brings such peaceful moments! Daniel and Ervida

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