4 thoughts on “12.13.20 Sunday Worship”

  1. Barb & Dave Schmitt

    Thank you Pastor Jeremy. Very Creative way to tell a story we have heard our whole lives. We enjoy your sermons. And the music and liturgy was well done😍

  2. Today’s Online Worship was so fulfilling and a real blessed event, thanks to the readings by Wyatt Radloff, Leslie Ellair, Mason White, Linda Mueller, Hannah&Laurie Hylen — and the vocal/instrumental music by Mike King, Amanda Radloff, Lisa Flook — and the message and prayers by Pastor Jeremy — WOW!!! A pastor with carpentry skills, putting together a crib and talking to us at the same time. Marvellous!!! –Daniel and Ervida

    1. And would you believe — we, actually Daniel, left out one — yes, a beautiful tune by Director Pat Jaberg on the hand bells!!!

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