July 2020 Survey

St. Paul’s is planning on opening for worship in our physical space July 19. Online worship will continue. You will be receiving a packet in the mail within the next week giving you full details of how we will proceed. When we open (and for the foreseeable future) here is what worship will look like:

  • You will be asked to sign a St. Paul’s Covenant
  • Reservations must be made ahead of time via an answering service
  • Appropriate physical distancing on church grounds
  • Face masks are required
  • Screening questions will be asked before entering church
  • A temperature screening will be taken before entering church
  • A signed waiver for worship and contact tracing is required each week
  • You will be seated and released by an usher
  • There will be no singing at this time 
  • There are no hymnals, bibles, cushions, envelopes, etc in the sanctuary
  • We will use an offering box as there will be no offering plate passing
  • All children will remain with their families
  • There will be no fellowship time or food before or after worship
  • Our initial opening will be limited to 25 worshippers

With these safety measures in place, as well as an awareness of our current Covid-19, do you plan on attending worship in person (click to fill out form)

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