Some resources to think about around Covid-19 (a non-exhaustive list)

Please check out this video from the Wisconsin Council of Churches (about 45 minutes)

Guidance from the Wisconsin Council of Churches

Coronavirus and the Church (from the National UCC)

Guidance from the Southern New England Conference

Community and Faith-Based Organizations (from the CDC)

Wisconsin Department of Health Dashboard

Badge Bounce Back (from the state of Wisconsin)

Sheboygan County Covid-19 Dashboard

Sheboygan County Response (regarding the Supreme Court Ruling)

A Concise Coronavirus Guide for Churches (from Christianity Today)

Guidelines for Business (from the state of Wisconsin)

Guidelines for Public Spaces (from the state of Wisconsin)

Risks of Summer Activities (from National Public Radio)

Small Churches and Re-Opening

Know the Risks

When Your Church Reopens (Christianity Today)

From the UCC Insurance Boards (dealing with liability etc)

This is a summary of this video (NATS Video 2.5 hours long)

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