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  1. Sharon Quicker

    Do not want to stir up the hornet’s nest, but I was wondering why Sheboygan area UCC churches did not get together by themselves to discuss how the openings would go way before it happens. Why do you have to wait for the general council to talk with 50+ clergy who all live in different areas of the state? And at such a late date? Lots of them would not know what is going on in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

    As I understand it each county, each city, and their leaders are to advise their own citizens. With guidelines given out by health departments. I heard you mention yesterday something about following the science and scientists and statistics. Well and good. I also know statistics can be skewed one direction or another. I have a hard time knowing who to believe.
    One last query — work on the new carpeting was scheduled a long time ago. Was it stopped at some point? Truly sorry if I offended anybody who reads this. Never had any patience and I am absolutely coming to the end of mine.

    1. The area clergy are in conversation already. Each church will ultimately make its own decision, but it is helpful to have these conversations with the wider church for best practices. As far as science and statistics, we will be using the CDC and the Wisconsin DHS. I will be sending out some articles to inform and help us think about how we move forward.

      The carpet in the gathering area, upstairs hallways, and community room was completed May 12.

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