Welcome to our first virtual Sunday worship.

A very big thank you to Lisa Flook for coming in during all the craziness of this week and playing the organ for worship.

Thank you to Mike King and Mandy Radloff for sharing an anthem for us as well (you’ll hear more from them later).

Good Morning all!

If you have prayer requests, please add them by clicking here

Stay safe friends!

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  1. Barb Schmitt says:

    Very nice job Jeremy, Lisa, Mike & Mandy! Gave us comfort during this uncertain time. So good hearing familiar voices and our organ😍

  2. Lawrence says:

    A big thank to everyone involved in the Sunday worship.
    It was greatly needed and greatly appreciated.
    Maintaining the connection to everyone is so important .
    Thank you again,
    Bonnie and Larry Kairys

  3. Grace Reinecke says:

    Thank you for your inspiring message and the beautiful music. We are blessed to have you as our pastor. Dave & Grace

  4. Linda Mueller says:

    Thanks to all of you for bringing Sunday worship to our home. An inspirational service. I enjoyed being a part of this new venture.🎶

  5. Jim and Melody Kolb says:

    Very nice service. Thank you all for what you do!

  6. Linda Horn says:

    Thank you Jeremy, Lisa, Mike & Mandy! I’ve enjoyed listening to the music and messages this past week.

  7. Robert J Cox says:

    Thank you for bring church home to me

  8. Vicki Radovan says:

    A sincere thank you to Pastor Jeremy for his calming messages and to all for the inspiration and hope we need during this unbelievable time. I feel incredibly blessed to have St. Paul’s as my church family.


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