St. Paul UCC Dart Ball

Sheboygan Sheboygan Saint Paul's Saints Dart Ball TeamSaint Paul’s United Church of Christ sponsors a dart ball team called the St. Paul’s Saints.  It ‘s not a church league, but the members come from Sheboygan Saint Paul’s UCC.  Church leagues play dartball at night, but the team likes to play during the afternoons with the senior leagues.  The season runs from September to April.  Games start at 1:00 PM.  Saint Paul’s Saints play three games at each meet, usually finishing by 3:30 PM.    After second game, refreshments, consisting of cake or cookies, cheese, sausage, crackers, bread, and coffee, are served by the hosting team.  Members of teams take turns bringing and serving refreshments.  The Saint Paul’s Saints have plenty of fun playing dartball and teasing each other.  When playing dartball, each member of the team needs to bring dimes along because you have to put a dime in the kitty whenever your dart goes off the board.  Spouses always ask their partners, “are you taking dimes?”  If the dart hit’s the wood outside the board, it’s called a “woody” for Woody Woodpecker.  If it hit’s the curtain behind the board, known as the flower garden, they say, “It was a quiet one.”


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